How to Reduce Android Lag


Who doesn't know this one cellphone, Android is an OS that is operated on smartphone and tablet devices. Basically Android is more widely used in smartphone or cellphone devices, for Android itself there are more advantages when compared to other smartphones.

So it's no wonder that many people prefer Android over other smartphones, indeed at this time we are served with various types of cellphones that exist. But generally the best-selling on the market is an Android smartphone, of course we already have this one cellphone. There are many applications that you can run on an Android cellphone, and there are also many games that you can directly play on an Android phone.

Android is equipped with quite good specifications that can support daily multitasking activities, of course it is very cool, friend, if you have an android phone. Given that the Android cellphone for the price is also more varied, the price is more friendly when compared to other smartphones.

But behind that all Androids also have drawbacks, sometimes when Android's performance can also drop, it causes force close, lags, hangs and lags. So what happens if the Android phone experiences something like that. Of course when you use Android it will feel uncomfortable, because performance is down and not optimal.

Therefore you need to fix it by overcoming android lag / hang easily. For that you have to optimize your Android again, to be honest when I experience this it is very annoying and maybe you also experience the same thing.

How to Overcome a Lag & Hang Android Cellphone without Root

At least you can fix a stuck or lagging Android smartphone by overcoming hang and lag without root, of course this method is easy enough for you to do. The following is how to fix android lag / hang easily and quickly.

# 1. Don't Use Live Wallpaper

For those who don't know what a live wallpaper is, I will explain, live wallpaper is aimed at beautifying the appearance of a smartphone by installing a live wallpaper. But what you need to know is that the live wallpaper turns out to make your Android phone slower, which makes it worse to lag or hang. Now to avoid lag and hang, you must not use a live wallpaper on your Android.

But you don't need to worry, friend, your Android phone is still cool with regular wallpapers. The important thing is that you can use images with png and jpg formats and use simple and lightweight images. For the gif format I don't recommend it, so your Android phone will be faster and no longer lag because the wallpaper factor also affects it.

# 2. OS upgrade

Now the second one is quite effective, friend, so when the Android phone lags when running the application, the application may not be compatible with the old Android OS. So it would be better if you update the operating system to a new version. Apart from that, in terms of features and appearance, it will certainly be even more interesting.

# 3. Clear Cache on Android Phones

You need to know when playing games and opening many applications, each data will be received and stored as a temporary file that we usually call cache. This cache will be stored in the internal memory, when the cache has accumulated in a large number, the Android operating system will definitely decline in performance as well as the Android phone will lag and hang when running other applications because it is full of cache.

The best solution to deal with Android which often lags and hangs on the third point is to clean the cache itself, it's actually very easy for you to delete the cache. You only need to install "CCleaner" on your Android phone. Then open and clear the cache on Android using CCleaner, to download it you can search on the google play store.

# 4. Clean Unused App & Game Data

Then the next thing is to clean applications and games that you no longer use, this method is quite effective when you experience lag and hang on your android friend. I deleted applications that I never used such as google map, google plus and so on. This is actually a built-in application that I never use. How to clean the data as follows.

  • Open Settings / Settings
  • Application Manager> Select the application on your cellphone.
  • Click Clear Data to clear log data and so on.


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